Own 100% Of New Drink Category

Worldwide Through 2027

The information in this website outlines a unique opportunity to provide your company with an exclusive pathway to market leadership in refreshing, sparkling protein drinks – part of the emerging megatrend* soft drink/dairy beverage category, including seltzers, sparkling waters, juices and cold brew coffee, as well as beers, lagers and ciders.

Partnering with NEXT Proteins’ Patent Portfolio (7 U.S. and many International Patents) allows you to block your competitors out of refreshing, sparkling carbonated protein drink formulas, for the next 7 years in the U.S. and internationally.

These patents provide a protected gateway that delivers protectable points of difference leading to sustainable competitive advantage when you put sparkling protein into any of your CSDs, seltzers, sparkling waters, juices and cold brew coffee or beer/lager/cider brands throughout the world.

NEXT Proteins’ breakthrough transformative innovation, allows refreshing protein to be easily added into today’s iconic, or tomorrow’s challenger, brands. From:

  • Sodas and seltzers to sparkling waters
  • Energy drinks to weight loss
  • Carbonated juices – kids to adults
  • Regular colas to diet colas
  • Cold brew coffee, beers, lagers, ciders…and more

Patents at a Glance

  • 7 U.S. and many International Patents – One of these is a Jumbo Patent containing 4 U.S. Patents
  • Global reach in 42 countries, covering > 60% of the world’s population, > 4 billion people
  • Covering all of today and tomorrow’s CSD, beer, lager and cider markets
  • Flexible formulations, low to high protein and carbonation levels
  • Including added vitamins, minerals and energy and anti-obesity nutrients with natural or artificial ingredients
  • Easy integration to regular CSD manufacturing plants
  • 18 month real time shelf life, no tunnel pasteurization needed
  • Protein syrup, bag-in-box, puts healthy protein into soda fountains everywhere
  • As well as into caps, pods or bottled protein syrup delivery, for in-home SodaStream sparkling beverages
  • U.S. Patent life – through August 2027
  • International Patent life – through October 2027

*Rabobank’s report Global Beverage Outlook